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16 April 2010 @ 10:17 pm
Dark Horse~  
Nickname: I don't have any...
Age: 13
Height: 4'11" (I'm too short T_T)
Likes: Reading fanfiction, writing fanfiction, doodling, listening to music, singing, taking pictures, learning new things, going to the library, surfing the internet, playing video games, cold weather, snow, math, and daydreaming.
Dislikes: Hot climates, anything Disney related, mornings, and being boss around.
Hobbies: Going on the computer everyday, singing, writing, and reading.
Strong Points: Well, my friends and teachers say I'm smart so I guess that's it...
Weak Points: I'm too gullible, too naive, I can get hurt easily, I have anger management problems, I'm not that patient, bad memory, too shy and quiet at school, shall I continue?

Leader or Follower?: I would like to be a leader and my teachers and friends said that I am most likely a leader.
Mature or Immature?: Both, but more on the immature side
Impulse or Thinking?: I guess thinking...?
Outgoing or Shy?: Again, both, shy at school but outgoing at home
Energy level; high, medium, low: High at home, and both medium and low at school. It depends on who I'm with I guess.
Clothing tastes: Colorful clothing would be nice and some jeans. Hello Kitty is also nice~

Favorite Tenimyu actor; and why?: This one is hard. I can't choose between everyone in the first Rikkai cast. They are all exactly the same as the anime Rikkai! The personality and everything!
Least favorite Tenimyu actor; and why?: I don't have anyone. They-re all too great!
Favorite Myu; and why?: Hmm... it has to be Dream Live 5th. It is more entertaining ^_^
Favorite team; and why?: I can't choose between The first, original Rikkai cast and Shitenhouji A. They all act like them so much!

What is your opinion on tennis?: I can't say. I never tried tennis before. Well, once or twice but still, I would like to try it someday.
What made you start watching the Myus?: I guess my curiosity took a hold of me. I wanted to see how they do it.

Anything else?: Nope. Just thank you for reading this and taking your time to vote.

Pictures [or description!]? [under lj-cut please]: Short, layered black hair, brown "big" eyes (according to blacknightsky, bangs, glasses, and that's about it!