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17 August 2009 @ 02:58 pm
Dark Horse~! >:D  

Name:  ecstatic_clouds // Kimmy
Nickname:  Kimmy, that's right boys and girls, Kimmy isn't my real name. But no one calls me by my real name anyways.
Age: 14
Height: 162.6 cm
Likes: Tenimyu Playing around with my Wacom tablet, singing horribly, sleeping.
Dislikes: RoseArt color pencils, papayas, older sister taking the last blueberry waffle without telling anyone. Yeah, that sort of stuff.
Hobbies: Picking scabs Playing video games on the PS2, playing the piano now and then, sketching on SAI...
Strong Points: Makes decent grades.
Weak Points: Can overreact, cram projects at the very end

Leader or Follower?: Leader. Or so I'm told.
Mature or Immature?: Mature in school, immature at home~
Impulse or Thinking?: IMPULSE. HECK YES,
Outgoing or Shy?: Hm, I'm more on the outgoing side.
Energy level; high, medium, low: Goes up and down daily.
Clothing tastes: Baggy shirts and bermudas/capris.

Favorite Tenimyu actor; and why?: Sakamoto Shougo and Sakurada Doori (okay I'm cheating shut up), Shougo because he's adorable and Doori because he's the snarkiest Ryoma I have ever seen. :D Of course, my reasons go deeper but that's all you need to know, right?
Least favorite Tenimyu actor; and why?: I don't really have a least favorite. :|
Favorite Myu; and why?: Treasure Match Shitenhouji feat. Hyoutei
Favorite team; and why?: SEIGAKU FTW~

What is your opinion on tennis?: I wish I can do something other than serve.
What made you start watching the Myus?: The Prince of Tennis manga/anime, which led to the live-action of PoT, then it was TeniMyu.

Anything else?: This is my first time doing these kinds of stuff. >__>

Pictures [or description!]? [under lj-cut please]: Glasses since third grade (it'sallthePS2'sfault!D:), black hair to my shoulders, Vietnamese, my figure is average, but I have no chest. :D Yaay.
Anna ~: Fred&George { Twins }hilian on April 16th, 2010 03:40 pm (UTC)
My first impression was Luke C but I can see a bit of Yagami Ren and Saitoh Takumi in your application