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17 July 2009 @ 07:24 pm
Dark Horse! :D  
Name: Ana (but I hate it xD)
Nickname: Anneko, Neko, Neneko, Kitchuki..
Age: 16
Height: 162cm
Likes: Music, foreign cultures, drawing, movies, video-games, italian food (:DDD) and sushi x)
Dislikes: Vegetables, prejudice, annoying people/sounds, studying
Hobbies: Drawing, acting, singing, layout designing, icon-making, doing nothing xDD yes, it's a hobby ;D
Strong Points: I'd say my politeness and my devotion to my friends. I'd seriously do anything for them. ♥
Weak Points: Too impatient xDD and way too trusting for my own sake! And I'm stubborn though that could be a good thing too.

Leader or Follower?: Follower, definitely D; if I was supposed to lead, I'd ask for help ^^;
Mature or Immature?: Mature, but I act immature sometimes~ :3
Impulse or Thinking?: Thinking, mostly, unless I'm really angry~
Outgoing or Shy?: Shy, unless I'm with people I'm comfortable with.
Energy level; high, medium, low: Sometimes high, sometimes low. Let's say medium! (:
Clothing tastes: Casual and comfortable, usually a pair of jeans, sneakers, and a nice top. Complete with a warm (sporty) jacket if it's cold.

Favorite Tenimyu actor; and why?: Kato Kazuki, because he's just perfect to play Atobe (and he's hot ;D)! And Tuti, Nagayama and TakiEiji and Kimeru and OKAY let's just say the whole first cast or at lest most of them.
Least favorite Tenimyu actor; and why?: Don't have one~
Favorite Myu; and why?: Dream Live 1st! Because the first cast is awesome and there was all the Golden Pair fanservice and stuff :DDD And the songs. Or maybe it's just the first one I watched and loved it and can't grow out of it x)
Favorite team; and why?: Seigaku! x) Because.. Uh, I dunno XD My favorite actors play Seigaku characters :D And my favorite characters are from Seigaku too.

What is your opinion on tennis?: I don't really like it..
What made you start watching the Myus?: Friends, who were fangirling over Kato Kazuki and I just HAD to know who he was x)

Anything else?: ..Yuudan sezu ni ikou? :D

Pictures [or description!]? [under lj-cut please]: Uhm. Short, chubby D; Shoulder-length (really) dark brown hair, wavy and messy, chubby cheeks, small nose, hazel eyes. I think that pretty much sums it up :D And no, I don't have any decent photos xDDD
Anna ~: Por { Leadership }hilian on April 16th, 2010 03:42 pm (UTC)
Oh this was difficult, but I can see a bit of Tsuchiya Yuichi in your application